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Aferdita Zherka (16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. She says “Being part of MDG Jakova is one of the best thing that ever happened to me, because now, I know that somehow We, together Can Make A Difference.” Her biggest dream is to become a pharmacist. She has always been interested in science subjects like chemistry, math, and physics. She loves solving mathematical equations because she has the feeling that it is the same kind of way as even solving her personal problems. She likes meeting new people and is always interested to know more about those from different countries, other cultures and to compare them with their way of living. She does not feel comfortable when people are too pessimistic, because even in the worst moments there is always a light that things will turn to be alright. She enjoys reading about other cultures, dancing, singing, and visiting new places. She hopes to visit USA, UK, Egypt, France and Switzerland. She hopes one day she could fulfill all her dreams.

Ardita Mula (16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. She is happy to be a part of the MDG Jakova youth group. For her, “this is a good chance to change her life and help others do the same. Only together we can help change our lives for better.” She has always shown an interest for science subjects like biology and chemistry. She likes helping people and she wants to do that by becoming a doctor or a pharmacist. Ardita likes meeting new people because she is interested to know different characters and different cultures too. Her family and friends are very important to her; they are the best part of her life. They make her feel good, and she cannot imagine her life without them. She always wanted to travel all over the world especially to visit London, Paris, Italy and Egypt.

Argita Canhasi (17) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. Being a part of MDG Jakova has brought her back to reality, and gave her the opportunity to see how hard can be for someone to live. She agrees with the saying that “Change will not come if we wait for some other time or another person to bring it to us. We are the ones who could do it. We are the change that we seek.”  That’s why we are a part of MDG Jakova. Argita considers that everyone has something very special to give to the world. Being honest and always telling the truth are the two important things in her life. She does not like lying, gossiping, haughtiness and injustice. She loves music, dancing, studying, watching movies and hanging out with her friends whom she considers the best thing that has ever happened to her. She says, “I have TRUE friends and I give my all to see them happy. I have a joyful family who always inspire me to go ahead.”

Edon Fetiu (16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. He is very glad to be a part of MDG youth group because he thinks he can change something in his country through that.  MDG Jakova is an initiative where he can express his love for people and nature. Edon’s hobbies are eating, playing PC games, playing with pets, traveling, and playing sports. His dream was always to be a wildlife explorer or a veterinarian because he loves animals especially mammals.

Jonila Fetiu (17) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. For her, "the world is full of poorness and injustice, and I want to be a player in the fight against those negative issues. This is the reason why I am a part of MDG Jakvoa." In her free time Jonila hangs out with friends, reads books, and watches movies. She loves friendship with certain friends who have a special place in her life. In the near future she would like to study politics. Her dream is to travel in the poorest places in the world especially in those that have extreme poverty, and try too help those people who hide their face and wish nobody could see them because they feel less than a human being.

Korab Qarri (17) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. The MDGs has provided him with a new way of thinking about the world and the poor. He has always wanted to be a rap singer and express social problems through music. His hobbies are music, basketball, and graffiti.

Krenare Grezda(16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. She choose Natural science as her high school direction because she loves Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics. Her life dream is to study Medicine, become a doctor and contribute to improving the health situation in Kosovo. This is how she sees herself helping her community and advancing MDGs in a long term. Her moto for MDGs is to “Give a try and make some progress.' In the future she hopes to visit USA, England, Africa, France, Italy and Asia. She wishes with all her heart that people change and support the MDGs by simply being human. It's an easy and a simple way to improve our world.

Mirlinda Lota (17) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. For her, MDGs are the best chance where her career starts, where her voice counts and where her capacities will be shown. She aspires to be an engineer and to study something that has to do with math or computers.  She likes to make friends "Friendship is spring bringing comforts to us". Some things she does not like losing friends for stupid reasons and people who are fake. Places she wants to visit are USA, Brazil, Argentine, Morocco and Turkey. When she is not at school or studying she dances, visits places and learns about different cultures and traditions.

Plator Vula (16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. Learning about MDGs has helped him  see the world in a different way. He now knows more about hardships around the world and his community and he sympathizes with the poor. Plator has always wanted to be a doctor. He enjoys playing basketball, listening to music and joking around.  

Shpetim Shujaku (16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. His personal philosophy is: “Change we need – Everything starts from you, so get up. Take action!” He enjoys playing football (soccer), music, traveling, acting, and joking around. He has graduated from elementary school in violin. As a child he dreamed of becoming a footballer but now as things have become clearer, he wants to be a pilot or a businessman. He is known by his friends as ‘the joker.’ He likes to be around modest people because they are more down to earth. He would like to live in the future in two of his favorite countries, Netherlands or England.

Trendelina Dema (17) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. She is a person that could be characterized with persistency but also with sensitivity. Learning about MDGs has been an eye opening experience and it has served as a window to the real world where life is not that easy, but that we could help make it better. Trendelina wants to study international business and likes meeting new people. She does not like selfish people whom see as they are the only ones important in this world and that everything goes around them, and not the other way around. Places she wants to visit are Puerto Rico, Sacramento, and Warsaw among others.

Vlora Morina (17) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. She is proud to be a part of the MDG Jakova youth group and feels that through it she could help make a change. She says, “We all are trying for a better life and improving the life on earth. I hope we together can succeed!” Her dream is to be a successful dentist and to have a sensational career. She is interested in natural sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. She has always shown an interest in studying anatomy. Vlora likes to meet new friends and is friendly to people. She wants to visit other places like Paris, NYC, and Florida. Vlora is an optimistic person and thinks positively about life. She works hard and tries to have a full plate – be involved in activities.

Zana Gojani (16) is a student at Hajdar Dushi High School. Her thoughts about MDGs are clear and short: “Do more for a better future!” Zana’s purpose in life is to be a successful ophthalmologist. In her free time she helps her mother in her office (she is the reason why I want to be an ophthalmologist). She also likes to read, listen to music, walk, watch movies, and sleep. Her favorite sports are volleyball and swimming.  

Jetmir Bakija (24)
 is one of the advisors of MDG Jakvoa. He works as the Manager of a Consortium that aims to strengthen the Civil Society Advocacy in Kosovo. Jetmir has acquired a Master's Degree in International Commerce and Diplomacy from Valparaiso University in Indiana, USA. Before Valparaiso University, Jet, as his friends call him in United States, studied International Relations at Texas A&M University in Texas. During the time of his study he has been active in many Intergovernmental Model Organization such as the Model Organization of the American States (Southwester Region) and Model Arab League. His passion also stretches in the field of decentralization, and he has previously worked for UNDP as an expert on decentralization issues at the Office of Prime Minister.  

Behar Xharra (24) is one of the advisors of MDG Jakova. He works as an UNDP expert for MDGs at the Parliament of Kosova and is an ambassador of One World Youth Project (OWYP). He has graduated with honors from Earlham College (IN, USA) with an International Studies degree. He has developed an interest in development, regionalism and trans-boundary cooperation during his studies abroad in Central Eastern Europe and also in the United Nations Headquarters. Behar has previously worked for the Agency for European Integration at the Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo and Chemonics International. He has received several awards, among them Kathryn Wasserman Davis Peace Fellowship, the Madeleine Albright Scholarship, and the Plowshares Peace Grant.